Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Refocus and Realigned

What is happening to Malaysia?

It is liken to a sinking ship! Holes everywhere. Instead of mending up the holes as fast as we can to prevent the ship from sinking, people are infighting among themselves; pointing fingers at one another, and not willing to learn from their wrong doing.

Is the ship---Malaysia --- fated to sink? No.

Now that Pakatan Rakyat had failed..... we need to call all those who are concern. People who loved Malaysia, and people who cares to save the ship.....Negara Malaysia, to stand together to save the ship.

With only one the ship.....Negara Malaysia. With only one purpose, not to allow the rakyat in this ship to suffer. You save the ship, you save the people.

People not of one community, people who are IN MALAYSIA, who are Malaysians. Not too particular what religion the groups may be, just live in harmony, respecting one another's believes and free to practice what one believes.

We will call this new team ONE PEOPLE, ONE NAYION, ONE VISION, save Malaysia and save Malaysians.


Time is fleeting by, no time to waste. All those who believe unity is strength, let us refocus and realign, re launch and SET our eyes on the same VISION---- Save Malaysia Now.

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