Monday, March 30, 2015

Check 1,2,3

So much have taken place since the last posting.

What do we do now? Check.....self examination. What does Pakatan Rakyat hopes to achieve in the political arena of Malaysia? What has PAS proved to be? Was PAS a faithful partner? What is the aspiration of PAS compares to that of Pakatan Rakyat? Can PAS continue to work in Pakatan Rakyat?

Now that Anwar is put away, who would PKR hopes to place in his place instead? Who has the strong aspiration of Anwar? Who has a more stable personality that gains the respect and acceptance of the Rakyat Malaysia?

DAP must re examine itself as a Malaysian political party, representing the various people groups of Malaysia. How is DAP communicating with Malaysians of various ligual background? Can DAP makes its political aspiration known by the people or is it only to a certain quarters of the public? How has DAP proved to be a party for ALL Malaysians?

As an alternative to BN, how have Pakatan Rakyat proved to offer a good alternative? Or Has it damaged its own images and reputation?

Presently, there are cried of peaceful demonstrations, and facing the possibility of arrest, jail, and unrest both politically as well as socially. What does Pakatan Rakyat hopes to achieve from that? Is there no other ways to express and achieve the same obejective?

How do you think the various problems of Malaysia can be solved?
1. BN must start to realise how bad the economy situation in our beloved country really is. STOP and check all expenditure. Delay if necessary.
2. BN must stop thinking of SELF but think of our NATION. How can we best work for economy recovery and confident in our currency internationally.
3. Penang must prove its good governance and policies, showing the rakyat what to expect if PR is place in Putrajaya.
4. Selangor must pull together to resolve the water crisis, and to show the capability of PKR as a good partner in Pakatan Rakyat.
5. It looks like PAS is more toward religious reform rather than ruling the country. Pakatan Rakyat may have to rethink its partnership with PAS as a political comrade. It is definitely going to affect the results in the next general election.

Check....1 ..2 ...3 before Malaysia moves on into the next general election.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time of Reflection--- New Leadership

It is the time for review and planning ahead for PR14

With all the court cases around our beloved leader Anwar, PKR especially, must think of a new generation of leadership to face the coming PR14.

In fact, the tell sign for our beloved Anwar is that, it is time for preparing a vibrant generation of leadership for PKR in particular, and for Pakatan Rakyat in general.

Age is another factor, and soon health will be another contributing factor to consider. Instead of beating round the buses, let us prepare for a new generation of vibrant leadership for PKR.

Let the whole nation be reminded, even without our beloved Anwar, we still have lots of people like Anwar. With or without our beloved Anwar, the rakyat will still fight on for a new Malaysia.

Hope to have the attention of all level of leadership, let us pull together in one spirit and in one accord, giving our undivided loyalty to our would be leaders in PKR. Do not fight among ourselves, we are to fight for a change in Malaysia ---- for a better Malaysia. People oriented, nation building in view, and eradicate corruption in all levels.

Malaysia must progress or else the rakyat will suffer at the end. Respect and support for all communities in our nation ---- a multiracial Malaysia.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

BLACK DAYS In the Month of MAY

May 2013 is definitely a month to mourn the death of Democracy in Malaysia, more so about the many frauds during the General Election on 5th. May 2013. By all statistic and first vote counting in many counting centres, plas the overwhelming support by the people of Malaysia, Pakatan Rakyat should have won and be the new government of Malaysia.

But sad to say, for the first time in history, the results which favored Pakatan Rakyat was not officially announced, and even the unofficial results was also stopped soon after 10pm on that night. In less than 30 minutes the results was again broadcasted, and this time, BN's results came up very fast. There and then many of us sensed something wrong some where, and true enough by mid night BN was declared the winner.

Now what is next?

The people must protest against such frauds and declared PR have been cheated of their winning vote counts. So we have the series of BLACK OUT Rallies. The people of Malaysia wanted the whole world to know the truth about our PRU13. The cries of the people wanted an appeal for a recount and examination of the ballots of 30 constituencies.

May can be a month of BLACK OUT protests. At the same time, a legal baord must be set up by PR to present the cases to the Court of Law. Mere crying and rallies carries very little effect to a deaf ear of BN. The crowd is nothing to a blinded BN. But expressions and cries must be heard by the world at large.

PR must prepared to settledown and to move on in their three PR states. Development and economy progression should be on the top priority. PR must present their cases of this PRU13 in the Court of Law.

Over reacting and rallies and rallies could backfire on PR itself. It does not help to settledown their numerous supporters. Their anger and dissatidfaction of the results can bear negative effect of productivity in place of work. Persuade them to settledown and be productive workers, helping to raise up the development and progress of the states. Rallies also disrupted traffic and causing much incovenience to the public. Let us get back on the table to work out a better way of expression and fighting for a fair election.

Paying more attention to the disheartened PR divisions. Every party get going to encourage their state exco members, their division leaders etc. Work out a five-year strategy of how to bring cares and helps to the rural folks, to the less fortunates, and to the jobless youngters. Think about the setting up of a PR Welfare Fund.

Do not give a false hope to supporters, but just tell them, we will try to fight it out in the court of Law, and whatever the outcome may be, let us all get back to work and get ready for any by-election, and also for PRU14.

Leaders of PR must find time to rest physically, and recharge with energy for active roles as MPs and also as DUN. Let every action as MP or DUn be make known to the mass media. May I suggest that UBAH.TV be rename as Pakatan.TV for the next five years. Keep it going. Keep the program fresh and informative.

Keep in touch with all of you. God bless you all.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mirror of the Wall ---review of PRU13

What went wrong in PRU13?
Unfair game play --- with linesmen taking sides and umpire not around.

* Making sure we have people guarding the ballot boxes till all official results are announced. This time, the results of PR was delayed, not even announced officially late at 12 mid night on 5/5

* Making sure that after the counting, NO MORE boxes are to be added. The place is bar from any more new boxes to be brought in. Not even the police to bring in any boxes.

* Making sure that ONLY Malaysians are for voting, NO foreign voters allowed.

On PR part, PAS and PKR must look out for talented young candidates for the next election. People with good social standing and love for Malaysia.
Pakatan Rakyat must come out with a registered Pakatan Logo.
Let us review and reconsider the roles of DAP,PKR and PAS.

* PAS must search deeply into their hearts, is PAS a political party or a champaion of religion. A champion of a religion has the spiritual aspect of the people in heart. It mainly caters for its followers. A political party has the nation at heart, inclusive of people of other faith and culture. However, being a religious based political party, PAS wanted to uphold the religious value in administration, value such as charity, justice, mercy, holiness, uprightness etc.

* PAS must work hard for the welfare of the people, more so of the poor in the desa and kampungs. A Fund must be set by Pakatan for the welfare of the poor. This time, BN has touch the heart of the people who are NOT concern about politic but more concern about livelihood. Words carry not much strength, but practical help means alot to them.

* PKR must be more concern in educating the rural people in area of politic, how it affects their lives. PKR must be more concern with Perlembagan Malaysia, and policies that bring about fairness, goodness and prosperity to the Nation and the people. PKR must mingled more with the Malay population of Malaysia to instil the benefit of a Malaysian Malaysia, a progressive nation with a progressive Malay community.

* DAP must be more concern in the area of economy and technological advancement of Malaysia. DAP must work to attract foreign invetments to cerate more job opportunity for the rakyat. DAP must build up a fund to help PAS and PKR to render practical help to the poor in the nation. Poor of all sectors crossing all people groups and religious background.

*** Let the people see with their own eyes how PAS,PKR and DAP can really work together for the good of Malaysians and Malaysia.

This time, the rural folks were neglected in a way.....our approach to meet them was more of an election need, not a sincere concern. It must be an year in and year out process, not just during election time.

Hope this short review will prepare us for the next Battle of Putrajaya II

The War Is Not Over Yet

I must say I was very disappointed when Pakatan Rakyat lost the Battle of Putrajaya. We failed to capture Putrajaya this time. However, let me say we have done well. Many of our hero fighters have sacrificed much. Many many of our supporters have sacrificed just as much. Well sone and thanks to all.

The Battle of Putrajaya failed but the fight is not over yet. We must regroup, review, and relaunch in the next election, or any by elections that may arise in between.

We only lost in the GAME that had so many fraud and "magic show". We had gained the hearts of the rakyat. We had impressed upon the rakyat the importance of a Malaysian Malaysia. It was NOT a Chinese Tsumnamy, it was a Malaysian Tsumnamy. Kebangkitan Rakyat Malasyia. Our people wanted a government which has the heart of Malaysians at heart, not corruption and racist in mindset.

Malaysia can only stand tall and be competitive to the world at large when we are ONE people,ONE nation, and ONE goal. A progressive and harmonious Malaysia, inclusive of all people groups and culture.

Many of our supporters are casualties of an unfair election. We just hope they will not give up the fight. Let us come together and work toward the next election.

We have scored a higher votes than BN. PR is 5,623.984 where as Bn is only 5,237,699.(Parliment seats) Even though we have only 89 seats in the parliment.
We also scored 4,879,699 votes in DUN whereas BN has only 4,513,977.
We manage to encourage rakyat to come out to vote, and many returned from overseas to vote, some voted in overseas, and many travelled long distances home to vote. 84% of the registered voters came out to vote.
We have no money to spend in ceramah, yet mega crowd came in whether rain or shine. Whereas BN could not have even a small crowd. So they resort to food and others to draw people to their ceramah. This is another success we have achieved.

So let us not give up, not despair, instead, pluck up courage and be ready for the next election or by-election.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Moving Towards Putrajaya

Pakatan Rakyat and its component parties had done well up till this point of time. What to look out?
1.If PR is going to move  into Putrajaya as well as to win over a number of state governments, let us be constructive in our ceramah presentation. This time a stronger emphasis on what PR can offer to the rakyat in the coming Malaysia Baru. In order to achieve this tell them how the rakyat can make it happen together with PR.

2.Those senior members of PR must reassured the rakyat of the hope in PR by answering the doubts created by BN's lies in the media.

3.Remind all PR supporters NOT to give any chance for BN to create trouble and unrest in the country.

4.Send open reminder to our security forces, the Tentara Di Raja Malaysia, TUDM, TLDM etc to tighten up securities along the coast lines of Sabah and Sarawak, as well as closer monitor on the Filipino residents in Sabah, to prevent any unhappy incidents again.

5.Send reminders to our forces to remain neutral, stay loyal to the King and upholding the Perlembagaan Malaysia, protecting the unarmed rakyat and NOT to act on the order of any political party. Loyalty is to the King and the nation, NOT politicians. Be proud of the uniform they wear, and be professional in carrying out their duty.

6.Give protection to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and other VIP in PR. Just be more careful this week leading to Putrajaya.

7.Do not be too worry about BN's ceramah and accusation. The rakyat no longer believe in them. Just brin ghope to the nation and the rakyat in all PR says and does.

Finally, Hidup Rakyat ! Hidup Malaysia ! UBAH! See all of you in Putrajaya.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Final Battle Cry

This morning (3/4) the PM has declared the Parliment Dissolved. This will mean the count down to GE13 starts today. Are we ready? Yes............

Fly the flags........

Posters calling for Ubah, with crowd as the background.
"This UBAH needs your support."
"Your vote for Pakatan is very important"
"Vote Pakatan is voting for a Better Malaysia"
"Save Malaysia, vite for Pakatan"

Encourage city folks to call home, tell their relatives and love ones to vote for Pakatan.
Encourage young people to tell their family members to vote for Pakatan.
Encourage everyone to use sms to ask friends and relatives to vote for Pakatan.

More picture of ceramah crowd put on facebook.
Promote and publicise it, asking people to orgainse family hour to listen to the ceramah in the

No more in-fighting among Pakatan member parties. No open argument regarding candidates for election.

One voice, One mind, One put away BN

Good luck and see you in Putrajaya.